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Earthlock 2 Announced for PS4/PS5

Along with a brief teaser trailer, Earthlock 2 was announced for the PS4 and PS5. The team at Snowcastle Games is playing its cards close to the vest for now, but we do know the sequel will be expanding in a number of ways. The biggest change is that the turn-based RPG will be transforming into an open-world RPG. This will give players more “freedom” and “customization”, but we don’t know much about how these new systems will be implemented.

We do know the team is excited about showing us more. Bendik Stang, the game’s Director and studio Co-founder offered this little tease about what to expect from future updates:

“We are so pleased to finally offer up this first tease of what players can come to expect in Earthlock 2. We really want our next title to offer players a huge amount of replayability, customisation and depth, with incredible emergent gameplay possibilities. It’s been an exciting endeavour for us and we can’t wait to reveal more about the game in the future, please stay tuned!”

For now, check out the teaser. As we move closer to the official release of our new best friend the PS5, more games are going to be announced, and we can’t wait to play them all.

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