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Earth’s Dawn Bringing Anime Characters Killing Aliens

We all know that a war between Earth and some unknown alien race is a foregone conclusion. The only question is the number of tentacles on our alien foes and whether Will Smith will have a cigar when he and Jeff Goldblum deliver the killing blow.

In Earth’s Dawn, aliens have tried to take over our corner of the universe and our life expectancy has taken a severe downward turn. Some clever human beings learn that we can use their own tech to hurt them, and it is now time to bring the pain.

The anime art style looks great in the 2D side scrolling action, and you can see for yourself in the trailer. The game will also offer different weapons, skills, and combo attacks to make the alien scum a story we tell our grandchildren.

The game is releasing digitally on November 1st in the Americas and November 2nd in Europe, but you will be able to purchase a physical version on October 28th.

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