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Eastern Exorcist is a Brutal Hack ‘n’ Slash Coming to PS4

There’s a brutal hack ‘n’ slash game coming to PS4 and it’s called Eastern Exorcist, developed by Wildfire Games.

The game has a focus on brutal melee-based combat, played out in hand-drawn 2D environments, where players take on the role of an exorcist who slashes demons to death with his fancy sword skills.

It’s a fast and spectacular ode to the action-adventure genre, with developer Wildfire Game bringing a sense of visual flair to each and every encounter.

“We wanted Eastern Exorcist to be as striking to watch as it is captivating to play,” says Shaoyan Chen, co-founder of Wildfire Game“That’s why this is a hand-drawn adventure where the flow of a fight appears as rich and real on screen as it feels in the hands of the person playing it. We can’t wait to see gamers take on the game’s league of beasts in play.”

Eastern Exorcist features:

  • Play as a skilled exorcist against chaotic evil to fight your way through the brutal world, and experience unforeseen entanglements of complex beings.
  • All hand-drawn Chinese ink painting style, with many atmospheric scenes.
  • Use your sword to execute demons and monsters with tactical combat mechanics in hand-drawn frame-by-frame action design.
  • Experience a complicated journey with joy and sorrow as an exorcist.

Eastern Exorcist will launch in Early Access on PC on August 14th, 2020, with a release on PS4 to follow at a later date.


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