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Eastshade Brings Peaceful Play to PS4 This October

If you’re looking to get away from the mindless murder and mayhem that makes up most of gaming libraries these days, Eastshade may be the different flavour you’re looking for.

The game’s developer, Eastshade Games, has announced today that it is releasing Eastshade on PS4 and Xbox One this October 21st after a successful release on PC earlier this year.

Eastshade is described as being an open-world adventure that is super chill. You’ll travel beautiful lands with your artist’s easel in tow, painting the landscapes you see, as well as making friends and uncovering secrets along the way. There’s nothing in the way of combat (or at least not from what I’ve seen and read) so it’s the perfect palette cleanser between ultra-violent games.

There’s a trailer up above that’s worth a watch, so click the button and relax for a couple of minutes.

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