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Eastshade European PS4 Release Date Pushed Back a Week

If you were looking forward to getting your hands on the excellent Easteshade on PS4 this week, get ready for a touch of disappointment.

The game is out now on the North American PlayStation Store, but the European release has been pushed back a week due to “logistical” reasons, according to the PR email I received earlier today.

There’s no solid date for the European release, though the 28th could be the new release. However, the PR rep was keen to note that it could slip a day or two after that, so it’s best not to book that day off just to play Eastshade. Get the week instead!

Our Max Taylor recently spent some time with Eastshade and he liked it enough to give it a very respectable 8/10 – ‘Fantastic’ rating, so go and read his Eastshade PS4 review to pass the time. Or make a North American PlayStation account and enjoy the game now. Just don’t tell Sony we said that…

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