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Echoes VR Drops a New Trailer and a Kickstarter Campaign

Rogue Titan Games dropped us a Thanksgiving hello to let us know they are starting a Kickstarter campaign for Echoes VR on November 27th. You can check out all the details and reward levels here, but you won’t be able to do anything until Tuesday. However, they have released an extended trailer to help encourage you to open your wallet.

Echoes VR is due for release during the first third of 2019. After the Earth has been ruined, mankind needs to setup a life somewhere else. Instead of venturing to the stars, they decide to journey beneath the planet. Your team has been sent to investigate the area and strange plants and animals that were discovered. After losing contact with the rest of the crew, you will sneak, shoot, and scavenge materials to survive in water and caves and against some very unfriendly creatures.

Echoes VR is also part of the PlayStation Talents Game Camp program in Madrid. It’s a program funded by Sony Interactive Entertainment Spain that gives small creators a work space for up to 10 months, PS4 dev kits, and “a marketing campaign in PlayStation’s own media valued at more than € 100,000”. You can read about the program here, but it looks like Sony is investing in indie games for it’s platforms and growing a development community in Spain.

We look forward to seeing more of Echoes VR early next year.

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