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Echoes VR is a Stealth-Action-Survival Game for PSVR, Coming Early 2019

Rogue Titan Games has announced that Echoes VR is going to be releasing on PlayStation 4/PlayStation VR during the first third of 2019. But what is Echoes VR, I hear you ask. Good question, because up until the time I got the email from the developers, I had no idea either.

According to Rogue Titan Games, Echoes VR is a stealth, action, survival game that takes place in 2066 when the planet Earth has pretty much gone down the toilet. You’ll be exploring dark and mysterious caves far below the oceans, but you won’t be alone. Well, you’ll be alone in the sense that nobody is going to be holding your hand through the dark, but you won’t be the only living creature – there are monsters!

You’ll gather bits and bobs to craft resources, you’ll shoot the weird creatures that call the underworld eco-system home, and you’ll follow a “deep and tense” plot.

There’s not much else to say at this point as the game is still some time away, though there is a teaser trailer up above that actually looks pretty darn good, so give it a watch.

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Rogue Titan Games Press Release

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