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Eden-Tomorrow Developer Talks About PSVR Demo and Music

The 70s and 80s sci-fi-inspired PSVR game Eden-Tomorrow has dropped a blog post and video on the PlayStation Blog, as it announces the game is ready to remove the curtain in the form of a demo. The director, Frank Sennholz, describes the journey to bringing a game to market, and it’s one that actually started as a concept for a CG movie in which an AI decides to go rogue. Creating a trailer for the movie removed the last of Sennholz’s savings, but the movie was never made.

In 2014, he put on a VR helmet, and, like many of us, realized it would open the door for some really amazing possibilities and put you into a different world in a way that no movie ever could. But what experience does an animation studio have with making games? They didn’t let that stop them, and they worked to create a demo of the concept.

The team faced new challenges. Since VR is still a newer medium, individual creators are still blazing trails into what can be done, but there is no specific path for you to follow. One of the in-game communication solutions of nodding your head came from an individual interaction Frank had in his daily life.

“The idea came about from a real world experience: I was at a sushi shop and the cook didn’t speak a word of German and I didn’t speak Japanese — he just pointed to the ingredients and I nodded or shook my head — bam!”

Sennholz also narrates a video (posted at the top) about the creation of the music for the game. No stranger to composing, he realized that it was a little beyond his ability to create the sounds he wanted. Dirk Ehlert was selected as the composer, and you can see a little of how he managed to create the emotional sounds required. (If you like game music or music in general, I’m a big fan of these types of videos, and an extended trailer can be found here.)

You know we love our PSVR, and a good sci-fi story and action is always welcome. There is a demo available for it right now if you are in the UK. I have scoured the NA PSN, and, as of the posting of this article, the cupboard is still bare. Until then, I’ll keep checking, I guess.

The release date for Eden-Tomorrow is still under wraps for now. lists the release date as Q1 2019, but you can be sure we’ll have a review ready once the full version is available.

Until then, if you have the demo, let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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