EGX 2016: Dishonored 2 Will Be In The Hands Of The Public For The First Time

Exciting news for UK gamers today as publisher Bethesda has announced that Arcane Studios’ highly anticipated sequel to Dishonored will be playable at September’s EGX 2016, this will be the first time anywhere in the world that the general public will get to go hands on with the game. Read on below to find out everything we know.

Until now, only those lucky few in the press have had a chance to demo Dishonored 2. All that is about to change, however, as Bethesda have announced that Arcane Studios’ sequel to surprise smash-hit Dishonored will be playable at EGX 2016. For those of you who don’t know; EGX is the UK’s largest gaming event and this year will be running from the 22nd to the 25th of September at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC), Birmingham.

As well as the game being playable throughout the event; Arcane’s Art Director, Sebastien Mitton, will be holding a developer session on the 22nd at 4pm (BST). If you can’t make it to EGX, don’t fret – you can catch a stream of the session on the EGX twitch channel. Mitton will be discussing his artistic approach to Dishonored 2, this promises to be an interesting insight into the heavily stylised world of Dishonored. The first game’s aesthetics were deeply tied into the story and characters and we have every reason to believe the sequel will be no different.

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Gamers weren’t the only ones getting excited at this news; EGX’s Managing Director, David Lilley, had this to say:

We’re thrilled that Bethesda has chosen EGX as the venue to bring Dishonored 2 to consumers for the very first timeIt’s a further demonstration of the growing importance of EGX on the global stage”.

He has reason to be confident too, with Saturday tickets already sold out, this year’s EGX promises to be the biggest yet. You can still get hold of the remaining day tickets here.

Pure PlayStation has reached out to EGX to see if we can get our intrepid UK journalists on the scene this year. We’ve got our collective fingers and toes crossed and are wishing on every star we see. It’s rumored that Pure PlayStation’s Dom O’Leary even pushed a child out of the way at its own birthday party so he could blow out the candles and make a wish… (source unconfirmed).

For more information on Dishonored 2, check out the official site. The game is already available for pre-order from several online retailers, including this one. If you fancy picking up the original on the cheap to remind yourself why this story should excite you, look here for the definitive edition.

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