El Hijo – A Wild West Tale Releases March 25th on PS4

El Hijo finally has a release date on consoles, and the wait won’t be long until you can get involved in this family-friendly action-adventure.

HandyGames and Quantumfrog have announced today, via a short trailer, that the family-friendly, non-violent wild west adventure game, El Hijo – A Wild West Tale, will be releasing on March 25th, 2021 for PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

The announcement comes in the form of a short and sweet trailer, which you can watch down below.

What is El Hijo – A Wild West Tale?

El Hijo – A Wild West Tale is described by the developer as a family-friendly action-adventure game where violence is certainly not the answer. Instead, you play as a young boy who uses his wit, imagination, and his toys to defeat his adversaries.

The game released a while back on Steam and Google Stadia to generally positive reviews, so this could be another great little adventure for us console players to go on.

El Hijo – the son – literally shows in this thrilling and family-friendly outlaw action-adventure that the Wild West is no country for old men, but for a kid to conquer. With the weapons and the wit of a child, he is out to finally be reunited with his mother after tragedy struck and the family got separated.

With tricky puzzles, shady monks, and dancing cowboys, playing through this gloomy, yet wholesome, adventure is sometimes quite challenging. What happens if a diversion fails and your fireworks hit the pecking chicken instead of an opponent?

El Hijo – A Wild West Tale is a non-violent game and an exciting story of a desperate child looking for his mother. The boy sneaks past different sorts of suspicious outlaws in a series of diverse western settings.

Instead of violence, this child’s imaginative playfulness is used with the help of his toys, which serve to distract his “opponents”.

Using the shadows to his advantage is a core element of the game, as the young hero will often have to hide. Various twists on familiar mechanics are often a product of the challenging and increasingly dangerous environments that the 6-year-old must traverse to reach his ultimate goal.

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