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Elden Ring Wishlist Page is Live on PSN

And no, it doesn’t support PSVR or the Aim controller…

Wishing for Elden Ring? Want to put that wish somewhere tangible so you can show others exactly what your dreams and desires are made of? OK. Go to the PlayStation Store and do it.

You can now add From Softwares’ upcoming game on the PlayStation Store to serve as a perpetual reminder that the game still won’t be out for almost six months. But you’ll have it there, and if you should (sadly) go gently into that good night, your loved ones will know that you need a copy of Elden Ring buried or burned with you. Grim thought, but these are grim days, and Elden Ring is a grim game. Get grim.

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You’ll notice that the PlayStation Store page for Elden Ring claims to support the PSVR headset and even the PSVR Aim controller. It doesn’t. It’s also questionable as to whether the 1-4 player online is a thing.

If you can stop your excitement from getting the better of you for five seconds, you can scroll down and see a disclaimer ruining the dreams of PSVR owners everywhere:

*This product does not support PlayStation®VR.


Elden Ring will release on January 21st, 2022. Without PSVR support.

Elden Ring Gameplay Trailer

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