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Elea Takes a Journey Through Space on PS4 This July 25th, PS4 Pro Enhancements Detailed

Elea, the surreal sci-fi adventure game from Dutch publishing house SOEDESCO, is set for release on PS4 with a release date of July 25th being announced today.

Originally released on Xbox One and PC a while back, Elea has been worked on ever since. The developers have chipped away at the game to bring improvements to the game’s core mechanics and performance since release, and so the PS4 version will release in the best possible state.

What’s more is that Elea will be PS4 Pro enhanced, and SOEDESCO has been kind enough to detail what will be better on PS4 Pro, as well as what improvements can be expected on the regular PS4.

For one, over 200 tweaks and additions have been worked on for the game. Movement speed and overall clarity have been improved, new assets have been dropped into the game and the lighting and interactions have been upgraded to make the game look even better on PS4. There’s also a new save system with extra checkpoints throughout the game.

On PS4 Pro, Elea will run at dynamic 4K, while the regular PS4 is dynamic 1080p. You can also expect higher quality reflections, shadows and anisotropic filtering. The tech nerds among us will surely understand that a lot more than I do…

To celebrate Elea’s PS4 release date announcement, SOEDESCO has released a brand new story trailer to get new players clued up on what Elea is all about. Give it a watch up above.

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