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Elijah Wood Talks About Transference in Latest Trailer

Transference has a lot of promise, and the latest trailer really frames that potential. The story revolves around you seeing events play out in the sometimes corrupted digital memories of a family. You will need to move through those memories as you move through their home. While solving puzzles, your decisions will impact the narrative of the game.

Elijah Wood is actually the creative director of the game. He and his production company, Spectrevision partnered with Ubisoft to create Transference. He explains the family suffered a traumatic event, and you will be exploring and uncovering that event. The goal is to create a unique game, and my interest is certainly piqued. After all, Mr. Frodo, is there anything you cannot do?

Although it can be played without VR, it will have full PSVR support. It may be the ideal way to truly immerse yourself in Transference when it launches later this fall.

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