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Eliosi’s Hunt Arrives on PlayStation Store August 15

Brazil’s own TDZ Games is unleashing its newest title, Eliosi’s Hunt in five short days. The top-down 3D shooter promises to provide challenging gameplay with a wide variety of enemies, weapons, levels and many secret elements to discover.

You’ll play as a young Zelician named Eliosi, who dreams of being a hero bounty hunter on his alien planet. During your journey, you’ll face terrifying monsters, mutant creatures, brutal rival tribes, natural phenomena and more. If you don’t believe me, check out the trailer above. To survive, Eliosi will need to use everything in the arsenal, including a variety of weapons and equipment, including his upgrade-able drone.

Can Eliosi overcome the limitations of his race and become the hero we deserve? Pick up Eliosi’s Hunt on the fifteenth and find out.

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