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Elite Dangerous: Beyond Chapter 4 Update Available Dec 11th

After the two smaller updates, a big chunky update is coming for Elite Dangerous. The Chapter 4 update will come with improvements, but it will also be packing two new ships. The Krait Phantom is more of a multi-purpose ship with more speed and less firepower than the Krait Mk II. If you want speed and heavy damage, you will be buying the Mamba. It’s faster than a Fer-de-Lance, and, with one huge and two large hardpoints, you can blast a target and be gone, before anyone can stop you.

The rest of the update focuses on some major improvements to systems. Exploration is being overhauled by allowing you to start by scanning the system and moving to scan the individual bodies and planets with probes.

Mining may become a much more valuable use of your time. It is being revamped to allow you to locate where to mine in asteroids and rings and blow it up to collect your loot.

Along with more support for squadrons, there are some technical changes as well. There is a new lighting engine, improvements to the background simulation, and general updates. At the start of the beta, there were over 2,000 updates scheduled to hit the game, so this is no minor tweak.

However, it is free for anyone who owns the game. On December 11th, you will be able to climb back into the (potentially redesigned) cockpit of your favorite ship and engage in some new mechanics or just hit your favorite trade route with fancier lighting. Either way, it’s good to see Frontier continue to make improvements to Elite Dangerous.

There is one update that has yet to hit the PS4. When the PS5 releases, can we talk about PSVR support?

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