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Elite Dangerous: Beyond Chapter One Update Coming Feb 27th

PC gamers have been enjoying the beta of Elite Dangerous and testing all the features in the Beyond update, but the PS4 has had to wait. We have been eagerly anticipating our chance to experience the changes. All we can say is, “Thanks, suckers. It’s our time now”. (That’s tough talk from a terrible player.)

The next big (and free!) update for Elite Dangerous is hitting the PS4 on February 27th, and there are some nice changes. First, the open play environment is cracking down on criminals and people who love destroying newer players. Ne’re-do-wells will gain notoriety levels and the attention of the Advanced Tactical Response unit for a little punishment.

The second change is one of our most anticipated. You will be able to choose from multiple mission rewards. They will be worth the same, but this lets you match your reward with your current goals. We will have to wait to see how it is implemented, but we like to have more control over our astral destiny.

The third change may make trade a more viable career. Instead of going to a forum somewhere and competing in a gold rush trade route to make credits, you will be able to see the trade data for different galaxies you have visited. This should allow you to make comparisons and find your own routes more easily without leaving the actual game.

More ships are scheduled for this year, and Chapter One brings us the Chieftan. It’s a hard hitting mobile machine, but, like the bully in every kid’s movie, cannot take what it dishes out. (We always ran into the tough bullies, so it’s almost like TV was a lie?!?!?!?!?) Overwhelm someone with shock ‘n’ awe, and you never have to worry about rebuy costs.

Finally, Galnet will now be available in audio form. You can listen to happenings in the galaxy from your cockpit, so you are always up to date on current events.

The rest of 2018 will have three more free updates. Two smaller releases of new content are coming over the next two quarters, and another large update will be released towards the end of the year, just like the 2.4 update last year. If you already own Elite Dangerous, you should have multiple reasons to jump back into the cockpit and give the new content a try.

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