Elite Dangerous Horizons Expansion Now Free for Everyone

Elite Dangerous Horizons Expansion Now Free for Everyone

If you purchased the base version of Elite Dangerous, the Horizons expansion is now available for free. This adds a wealth of new content including being able to land and drive recon vehicles on planets, crafting weapons, launching fighters, new landing locations, being able to work with Engineers, and multi-crew operations. It’s a big change to the base game, and it’s worth your time if you haven’t flown through the galaxy in a while. If you already purchased it, you’ll receive a new Azure paint job that will work with any of your ships.

Giving Horizons away for free comes before the launch of next year’s expansion, Odyssey. It’s another leap forward for the game that will give planets a visual upgrade, add first-person combat, and new contracts. It’s slated for an early 2021 release and should give current and future commanders another reason to explore the far reaches of the galaxy.

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