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Elite Dangerous Patch 2.4 Available Now

After a lot of speculation, we can finally jump into the new content of patch 2.4. The download (shows version 1.06) for PS4 owners will be almost 15.9 GB. That is around the same size as the original game with the Horizons expansion, so expect for the space on your hard drive to become a little smaller.

There are so many improvements, changes, and content updates added for players. Some of the content updates are left as mysteries for the players to find in the game, and we are sure that more is going to slowly be revealed as players encounter the Thargoid aliens as well as new locations.

You can see the patch notes for all the changes on the Elite Dangerous forums, but we have dropped the PS4 specific items at the bottom. With an Elite Dangerous event happening in a few weeks, we should hear even more about the future of the galaxy in Elite Dangerous.

  • Added a toggle to switch between tilt and rotate for headlook with motion controls
  • Fixed an issue where the amount of time played would become stuck at 0
  • Fixed numerous crashes
  • Fix for an issue where the “Refined Taste” Trophy was not triggering correctly
  • Adjusted link on Passengers Training Video to direct you to the correct video
  • Fixed an issue where you would be prevented from selecting control presets when booting the game with the T-Flight HOTAS 4 connected
  • Fix for becoming stuck on the Engineers screen after viewing pinned blueprints
  • Pressing Triangle on the Galaxy Map will now jump to your current location
  • Swapped the left and right stick icons around so they’re no longer confused about their directions
  • Added a default binding for deploying your Cargo Scoop with the T-Flight HOTAS 4.
  • Added a default binding for targeting while in the SRV with the T-Flight HOTAS 4
  • Fixed an issue with the heat sinks on the Imperial Cutter disappearing when viewed from close by
  • Fix for numerous audio issues including distortion during dog-fights

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