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Embers of Mirrim Announced for PS4 and It Looks Stunning

The development team over at Creative Bytes wanted to show appreciation for the platforming genre and thus Embers of Mirrim was born. Except the game will be a dual stick side-scroller. The story goes that an alien infection is corrupting our protagonists’ planet and the two races who inhabit it must band together in order to save it. As Mirrim, you have the abilities of both races as you explore dramatic landscapes while effecting creatures and relics of the world. You do this by splitting apart as dictated by the game’s mechanics.

Creative Bytes has also revealed its inspirations and they’re some big ones. From the gameplay side, Embers of Mirrim is inspired by the Uncharted and Rayman series. The characters and environments are influenced by The NeverEnding Story and The Dark Crystal. Needless to say, some great works of art are leading the way. You can check out the title’s teaser trailer above and let us know what you think of this unique experience in the comments below.

Creative Bytes Studios was founded in 2013 and the only game solely to their name is Monsters Assemble 3D, an educational mobile title. They have however, been apart of hits like Guacamelee: Super Turbo Championship Edition and Skylanders: SuperChargers. Time will tell if their foray onto the PlayStation 4 works out come this Spring. We’ll keep you updated as we learn more.

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