An Empty Tank Will Empty Your Wallet in Pure Farming 2018

We harvested a new trailer for Pure Farming 2018 today. The short video reminds you to check your fuel consumption by checking the small gauge in the bottom right corner. You can fill up in town for less money, but then you have to leave your acreage fallow until you return.

Those of you who have to make hay while the sun shines can still let the tank go dry in the field. You can order more fuel to be delivered to you, but it will cost you a lot more. Depending on what you are doing, we imagine this will be a choice that may make sense at certain times, and we like our sims to be a cornucopia of choice.

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Some of us at Pure PlayStation love our farming sims. We can’t wait to jump on our tractors and plant or harvest some crops after a tough day toiling in our (non-gaming) fields.

We are still obligated to tell you that the “pure” in both our names is merely coincidental, but we are looking forward to putting our hands on this one when it plows store shelves on March 13th.

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