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End Space Update 1.04 Brings Better Graphics, Effects, Fixes, and More on PSVR

End Space released on PSVR to decent enough reviews, though it was not without its fair share of issues. One of those was that the developers behind the game – a two-man team, no less – just couldn’t keep up with updating the game across PC, PS4, and mobile virtual reality headsets.

There’s a brand new update available today that addresses some of the bigger issues on PS4/PSVR, and it’s good to see the developer duo committing to keeping their customers happy. Fair play.

The new update, 1.04, brings fixes for known bugs, tweaks to gameplay, as well as improved graphics and visual effects. The patch notes are lengthy, so sit comfortably before you start pouring over them down below.

End Space PSVR Update 1.04 Patch Notes

  • Update to Unity 2018.1.6
  • New Planet shaders
  • Added a pointer to the end of motion controllers for easier UI navigation
  • Added option to disable controller vibration
  • Added armor and shield hit sound effects
  • Added a voice prompt when shields are critical
  • Ship Upgrades menu now shows actual stats of weapon upgrades
  • Added in warp sound effect
  • Added smoothing to transitioning between Boosting & Braking while using Gaze for Flight
  • Update to PS4 SDK 5.5
  • Improved a lot of sound effects
  • Looking at the targeting reticle will now also acquire a target lock
  • Explosions look better and are more realistic
  • Added animated planet textures
  • Switched to new native Unity and Rewired support for HOTAS
  • Fixed Solo cannon playing the wrong sound effect
  • Pulse laser wasn’t doing the correct amount of damage
  • Fixed volume of Solo and Plasma cannons
  • Improved LOD performance
  • Research Station doesn’t move when a section of the station is destroyed
  • Fix for Station Rescue not being able to be completed in certain cases
  • TLF Cruisers now have the correct HP
  • Player could acquire a target lock while dead in some cases
  • Star particles were playing when the player was dead and not moving
  • Credit count was missing from Ammo Upgrade store
  • Fix UI issue where moving your head could select items while using a gamepad to use the UI
  • Fixed issue where the Turret could get stuck pointing up
  • Fixed AI not being able to target the ship attacking it
  • Fix for UTC Fighter not helping in LZ-129
  • Bunch of smaller fixes
  • Fix for Station Rescue bug that could prevent mission completion
  • Fix for audio not fading in and out between scenes
  • UTC Turrets didn’t have sound effects
  • Ship reticles are no longer removed when out of range
  • Minefield particles had the wrong color
  • Fixed warp in of cargo ship in Lost Cargo
  • Fixed a crash bug related to the Save Data API and Unity’s scripting backend

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