“Endless Eclipse Mode” Announced For Upcoming Berserk Game

Berserk and the Band of the Hawk developer Koei Tecmo announced the “Endless Eclipse Mode” for their upcoming game. It seems like a rose or horde mode by any other name, but it has a little different spin. It will allow players to face increasingly dangerous enemies in the Eclipse dimension while trying to accomplish harder missions. If you do well in another dimension, you will come back to the real, er normal, um…whatever dimension Berserk is in with better toys to take on the monsters in the main game.

We also know that the game will feature at least three characters and each will have at least one sub-weapon. The three characters will be Guts, a witch named Schierke, and the apostle Zodd. (It seems like anyone named Zodd, or Zod, is evil, so keep that in mind at your next dinner party.) The sub-weapon will have a cool down after each use, but it will be very powerful. Schierke can cast spells, Guts has a gun arm and crossbow, and Zodd can command his enemies to kneel before him can hit enemies with a rush attack.

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All Superman references aside, if you like the Berserk universe and the Warriors games, keep an eye on this one. Check out the trailer with combat by Schierke, and let us know if you plan on picking this up when it releases on the PS4 and digitally on the PS Vita on February 21st in the US and February 24th in the EU.



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