Enjoy Agony on May 29th

On May 29th, you can go to hell. After many trailers and gameplay clips, Agony will finally be releasing. The game will come with a story mode, and a challenge mode. This will generate random levels, and players can explore and push for the highest score.

The survival horror game drops players into the pit with no memory of how they came to be in the place of eternal torment. Solving the mystery, escape, and not being torn to pieces are your top priorities.

To leave this nightmare, you will have to get to the Red Goddess. This is her realm. Only she knows where the exit is, and there are sinister demons, dangerous environments, and other lost souls between you and freedom. So, yeah. It seems like a walk in the park, if that park was filled with things that want to eat you and make you suffer.

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A lot of games sell you on the idea of being dark. If Agony can deliver what we have seen so far, it will be one of the most frighteningly imaginative trips to gehenna since Dante’s Inferno. The trailers are gory, disgusting, and we are thrilled to have another to share with you.

Give it a watch, and prepare to experience Agony on May 29th.

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