Enjoy the Nightlife in the Yakuza 0 Launch Trailer

Enjoy the Nightlife in the Yakuza 0 Launch Trailer

The launch trailer for Yakuza 0 will let you see a brief glimpse of all the activities in the game, and it will pull back the curtain on a normal Yakuza day. It looks like long dramatic stares are one of the first skills you master. Next, you have to move on to street fighting and generally punching people until money shoots out of them. So far, so good.

What about after my shift ends? Life is not all about work. The trailer shows the leisure activities of dancing, bowling, and darts. There are even rhythm games with karaoke and a wrestling game that shows two girls trying to push each other out of a ring, so there is something for everyone.

Yakuza 0 will show the history of Kiryu and allow you to play as Goro Majima for the first time in the series. It will also have the Japanese voices for those of you who want the most authentic experience.

The latest game seems to have created a world for you to safely live out your Yakuza fantasies without having to pay a ton of money for tatoo removal when you want to stop. Yakuza 0 is available now.

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