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Enjoy Your Video Calls With These New Official PlayStation Backdrops

Work for many has turned into one video call after another. Or should that be a “my bookcase is better than your’s” competition? Well, now Sony are giving you the chance to ditch the paperbacks for a gaming themed background. And they’re being quite generous with the selection. The only problem I foresee is it will remind us what we’d rather be doing; that being, playing the games rather than earning the money to afford them…

This whole thing obviously depends on whether your favourite video calling provider allows custom backgrounds. And also if you like the games on offer. But if those two criteria are met, work may just be getting a little less corporate – in a similar way to wearing superhero pants under your trousers. The selection of scenes can be found over on the PlayStation Blog, though they are (obviously) restricted to first party games. However, I think this is a very good idea that may be the start of a trend – in other hobbies, as well.

They’re free, too. So, this opportunity to show off your hobby won’t cost you a penny. But I guess there were already ways to do the same anyway, and with a wider selection of settings. The only thing this offers different is the permission of Sony and probably the quality of the file – is that enough to stop you copying and pasting from online? Probably not. Still, we can’t complain when there’s something for nothing, can we? Let’s just hope video calls aren’t going anywhere soon.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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