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Enter a Ghost Ship in Man of Medan’s First Dev Diary

In the first dev diary for Man of Medan, the team at Supermassive Games discuss the process of creating the story’s main location. How do you design a ghost ship, and what would that look or sound like after being empty for sixty years? To create the look, they studied ships of the time, and they researched how those vessels would realistically rust and decay in a similar situation and enhanced it further.

The sound is what really excites me. The team was able to record audio on a similar ship, although probably not haunted. They obtained samples of everything from mechanisms such as doors to the sound of impacting the wall in case you were pounding on it in fear. They took samples from different rooms, so they could have the exact level of reverb depending on where you were on the ship. This is a level of detail I really appreciate.

Man of Medan is the first story in The Dark Pictures Anthology of horror tales from Supermassive Games. A group of young people go treasure hunting on a pleasure cruise and find a ghost ship and, presumably, ghosts or worse. Making decisions will have an impact on the story and who lives or dies.

We only have a 2019 release date so far, but maybe this is something that will be announced at The Game Awards.

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