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Enter Minds to Solve a Crime in AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES

The previous trailer for AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES grabbed my attention when the first scene shows a polar bear putting a girl’s body under an industrial saw and activating the machine. That would make anybody curious, but it’s the most recent trailer that really delivers the goods. It shows that same violent polar bear wielding a knife, but it’s a much needed introduction to the characters, some systems, the world, and gameplay.

The slightly crazy premise is thankfully still there. You are Detective Date, and you are trying to solve a crime. A murdered girl was found on a carousel in an abandoned amusement park. Her left eye had been removed, and eyes seem to play a big part in the game and jokes. AI vs eye pops up in the trailer, because Date uses an artificial eye named Aiba (AI-ball) in his investigations.

Using Aiba in Psync, he can enter someone’s mind to investigate what happened through their eyes. Mental locks need to be removed by solving puzzles inside their mind in order to go deeper for more information. The subconscious wonderland presents you with options to interact with different elements, but this little Inception trip isn’t unlimited. You only have six minutes inside someone’s noggin, before you have to leave.

I definitely recommend you check out the trailer to see all the moving parts and meet some of the characters. Date is working for Boss, the head of ABIS, and it seems like you’ll follow the investigation to uncover the identity of the killer. It’s coming from the mind of Kotaro Uchikoshi, the creator of the Zero Escape series, so buckle up.

The trailer also reveals the release date has been pushed from July 25th to September 17th (NA) and September 20th (EU). If it makes for a more polished product, a two month wait is no problem, and it’s pretty standard for games anymore.

Despite this new trailer and info drop, I’m still not sure what’s going on, but I’m still curious and waiting for more.

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