Epic Games’ Paragon Has Been Rated M for Violence and Bad Language

Epic Games’ Paragon Has Been Rated M for Violence and Bad Language

Epic Games showed off its latest action game last year to much applause at the annual PlayStation Experience. The initial reveal was something truly wicked by all accounts, but what made it all the more satisfying was when Epic announced that the action MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) would be releasing on the PS4, as well as the PC platform.

The game isn’t due out until well into this year, though a paid early access build is supposed to be released this spring ahead of the open beta in the summer. The Australian ratings authority has rated Paragon, though it does only mention the PC in its listed platforms, we reckon the rating is going to be pretty much identical across the board.

The rating obviously doesn’t give much away, but it does state that it’ll be an M rated game in Australia due to mild themes, mild language, and moderate violence. Then again, with the alpha and the beta just around the corner, perhaps this rating isn’t for the full release, but for the aforementioned test-runs, so it’s entirely possible that the rating could be altered before the game gets its proper debut later on this year.

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