Er, You Can Actually Re-Download Hideo Kojima’s P.T on PS4 – 9 Step Guide Inside

Remember Hideo Kojima’s P.T that was supposed to lead into a new Silent Hills game starring Norman Reedus? Remember how Konami effectively pissed off every single fan it had by cancelling it and shunning Kojima out of its front door? ‘Course you do, we all do.

The bad-blood between Kojima and Konami managed to spill over onto players who downloaded the P.T demo on their PS4s. Konami removed the demo from the PlayStation store so that anyone who hadn’t tried it wouldn’t be able to, and those who did already try it but deleted from their hard drives wouldn’t be able to play it again.

Good news: you can re-download it, so long as you’ve already downloaded it in the past. Wololo has actually published a little guide that’ll tell you how to download P.T to your PS4, but it’s a little barebones so we’ve given it a spruce up.

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How to download P.T on PS4 

  1. First off, you’ll need to download and install SUWI. While the program installs, make sure you leave all options marked with a tick.
  2. Download IP Checker and write down your IP address.
  3. Turn on your PS4.
  4. Head over to the PS4’s settings menu, then network, then setup internet connection.
  5. Choose custom setup and select your home network.
  6. Hit automatic for IP address settings, then on the next part do not specify any DHCP host name.
  7. For DNS settings go for automatic, as well as MTU.
  8. Then you’ll want to select use for proxy server on the next screen.
  9. Simply put in your IP address that you’ve noted from before and set the port number to 808 before pressing complete.

And that’s it, you can head to your PS4’s game library, select P.T and then download it again. Easy peasy.


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