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Escape a Trap Filled Mansion in Last Labyrinth for PSVR

Last Labyrinth is coming to the PSVR on November 13, and it may not be on your radar. Let’s remedy that, shall we? Over on the PlayStation Blog, there was an interview with the lead character animator, directors (it’s a shared job), and producer to talk about what makes the game special. The team itself pretty special, since they have people who worked on Ico, Shadow of the Colossus, The Last Guardian, Puppeteer, and the series Doko Demo Issyo. I had to google the last one, but those others are certainly interesting.

The player sees the game world through the eyes of someone tied to a wheelchair with some fancy restraints. Trapped in a dangerous mansion, you must cooperate with a girl named Katia to help you solve the puzzles to escape. Communication is a main theme and mechanic of solving those puzzles, because you and Katia do not speak the same language. Instead, you will use non-verbal communication such as shaking your head up and down to say “yes”. You can also use the “laser pointer” attached to your head to tell Katia what to look at or interact with. You can use a DS4 or Move controllers to play the game. It may seem like a lighthearted romp through a spooky mansion, but failing a puzzle results in a gruesome death for you and Katia.

To avoid that, everything was designed around the ideas of communication without words. Katia has been given many animations that both reflect her youth and allow her to communicate her and your intentions clearly. The environments are designed to pull the player’s attention toward where the camera would naturally push you in a non-VR game. Through these design choices and more, the developers are really hoping to do something unique in the medium, and we love it when developers try to push the limits through VR. (You can see how much we love all VR on our sister site

Last Labyrinth has an interesting developer pedigree, and it doesn’t seem to be the same type of game we normally see on the PSVR. Check out the trailer at the top to see if you should grab this one on November 13.

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