Escape a Treacherous Science Facility in Death Squared on March 14th

Escape a Treacherous Science Facility in Death Squared on March 14th

Back in December we covered Death Squared just in time for PAX South. At that point we knew that the cooperative puzzler would release sometime in Q1 of 2017. Now we know that Death Squared will launch on March 14th for the PlayStation 4 thanks to the developer’s press release. When that time comes gamers will have to acquire patience. If one robot dies because of the insidious death traps, everyone will start at the beginning of the level. You can check out the game’s new trailer above.

Death Squared began as a simple cooperative concept focused on minimal direction and having players answer a simple question; What do we do?” said Patrick Cook, lead designer, SMG Studio. “It’s been a pleasure building that idea into a game that can be enjoyed by individuals, groups, and people of all ages and skill levels. The response from fans has been wonderful and we’re eager to finally let people play it at home.

Death Squared is developed by SMG Studios and published by Stride PR. If you’re a fan of the puzzle genre give us your expert opinion on the title. Does it look challenging or less of a thinking man’s game?

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