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The Escapists 2 Big Top Breakout DLC Out Now, Launch Trailer Inside

Team 17 has announced today that the new DLC for The Escapists 2 is available to download, install, and play from today. The latest DLC is the Big Top Breakout where you’ll find yourself locked up with all the other animals of society. No, really, you’ll be rubbing shoulders with circus animals. It takes place in a circus. Yes, a circus prison. Is it a statement against the poor conditions circus animals are faced with on a daily basis? Maybe. Maybe not. All we know is that it’s out now and this is what’s included:

  • A brand-new circus themed map to escape
  • New circus themed customisations for your inmate
  • New jobs. Tame lions, hang carnival posters, paint faces and blow up balloon animals to purchase vital supplies you’ll need to break out
  • New items and craftable recipes
  • New achievements and trophies to unlock

If you’re a Season Pass holder then you can go ahead and download the DLC at no extra cost. If you’re not, you’ll have to stump up the £2.79/$3.99/3.99€ to get access to the Big Top Breakout DLC. Not a bad price for some decent DLC, at least compared to other games…

There’s a new trailer up above that’ll give you a quick peek at what to expect in this barmy new prison.

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