Essex: The Whale Hunter Announced for PS5, PS4

Ultimate Games S.A is aiming for PETA’s jugular with its latest announcement: a whaling simulator inspired by Moby Dick. The game in question is Essex: The Whale Hunter, and it’s coming to PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PC, and Nintendo Switch in… 2023. Talk about an early announcement.

The game is being developed by 3T Games for the aforementioned platforms with a release window of 2023. The game is a single-player job that focuses on, well, killing whales. You’ll go on a great adventure in the Atlantic’s open waters as you hunt down whales in your whaling ship.

“In Essex: The Whale Hunter, players will embark on a unique journey through a world that no longer exists. The bulk of the action will take place on the Atlantic, but we will also visit the island of Nantucket, which could be described as the Wall Street of 19th-century whaling. Herman Melville’s masterpiece serves as our main inspiration during development, and we’re striving to properly capture the unique nature of this multi-dimensional novel” – said Rafał Jelonek, CEO at 3T Games.

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You’ll take control of your own whaling ship and you’ll be in charge of putting a crew together, as well as maintaining your vessel, finances, and trade.

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