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Europe Can Now Prevent the Panty Apocalypse in Punch Line

PQube announced that Punch Line is now available in Europe. Created by MAGES. and 5pb. and written by the creator of the Zero Escape series, the visual novel Punch Line tells the story of Yuta Iridatsu. He faints when he sees a girl’s panties. If he sees them too frequently, the world is destroyed by an asteroid. (Stick with me on this one.)

One day, he is on a bus that has been hijacked by terrorists. After meeting the super hero Strange Juice, his soul separates from his body, and he is a spirit. He can use his new form to spy on the girls in his building, cause minor mischief, and try to determine why he isn’t in his body.

If he doesn’t avoid seeing panties, the world will be destroyed. He must travel back through time, uncover a mystery, and save the world, while helping the people around him.

Punch Line may look like nothing but goofy fan service, but I have watched the anime on Crunchyroll. Sure, it has that, but there is a lot more depth here than you see at first. I don’t know if that transfers well into the actual game, but it has a strong pedigree in the developer and author. Chances are, you already have this one in your sights. If not, don’t judge a book by its seemingly shallow and pervy cover.

For those in North America, you will have to wait until September 25th to play Punch Line.

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