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Even More Official PlayStation Apparel From Insert Coin Clothing

The U.K. based, garment company is responsible for all sorts of cool and wacky clothing designs. They even handled PlayStation’s officially licensed 20th anniversary gear a while back. Don’t tell anyone but we ordered the First Person Shooter 20th Anniversary Jersey. Now they’re back with more awesome, official designs. The new stuff consists of a sports jersey, a PS One bomber jacket and a PS4 bomber jacket. However, our favourite one has to be their Delsin Rodent t-shirt. For those out of the loop Delsin Rodent is the lovable/hateable sidekick to the PlayStation Access team. He pops up in various videos with a mute, sarcastic thing to say or just be a general nuisance to everyone involved in the video. His ego might be a little inflated but by gone that’s we love him. Or hate him.



Be sure to check out the full collection here. The new items will cost you anywhere from 22-60 euros or about 25-67 dollars plus shipping. So if you’re a PlayStation fan and have some money we’re sure our credit cards will be meeting your credit card on their record files.

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