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Even More Stuff Coming to Rocket League’s September Update; Custom Match Changes

Man, it seems like we here at Pure PlayStation have written a lot about the coming September update for Rocket League. It’s not that we’re massive fans of Psyonix’s creation (well to be honest we kind of are) but they just keep pumping out worthwhile content since the game’s release. To recap what will be coming next month to the soccer-car hybrid:

  • Awesome new game mode called Rumble
  • New painted items
  • Updates to car boost trails
  • New maps and variants

(This is the part where we’d use the word additional but we’ve used it so many times now.) Newly announced to be apart of the September update is private match customization. The first half is creating names for each team. So it’s possible that when a goal is scored, “Team xURxMumx” will flash across your screen. The second half is changing team colors. This not only means different player colors but the chosen pigment will change the arena’s hues. Sadly due to limitations pure white and black will be unavailable for selection.



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