Ever Want to Be A Ninja Delivering Pizzas? Here’s Your Chance

Ever Want to Be A Ninja Delivering Pizzas? Here’s Your Chance

Disparity Games announced via press release that their PC game, Ninja Pizza Girl, will be coming to PlayStation 4 on July 20th. The pizza-based parkour game experts would like you to know that the original title has been upgraded for console release. It will feature 1080p graphics and run at sixty frames per second. Ninja Pizza Girl combines fast-paced action, speed running, and an energetic soundtrack that is warm as it is filling. The announcement had a lot of pizza puns. Don’t blame us! There will also be online leaderboards to compare times with friends and rival pizza delivering ninjas around the world.

We’re incredibly excited to finally bring Ninja Pizza Girl to next generation console platforms” said Nicole Stark, of Disparity Games, “and I can’t wait to see what people think of Gemma’s heart (and stomach) warming adventures”.

We weren’t kidding about the puns. Here’s some gameplay to tide your craving over until next week.

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