Everybody’s Golf Meets Final Fantasy in Anniversary Crossover

Everybody's Golf

Final Fantasy is officially 30 – that’s longer than most marriages. So In celebration of this milestone achievement, Everybody’s Golf is planning a series of crossover content available from February 26th. But at the moment the novelty items are exclusive to Japan.

The first addition to the game will be a cheeky Chocobo golf kart, which will see you exploring the greens aboard a feathered chariot. It gives ‘hitting a birdy’ a whole new meaning. The feather duster with legs has been designed by Square Enix’s own illustrator, Toshiyuki Itahana, and will retail at ¥500; that is roughly $4.50.

A new tournament will be going live, aptly called the Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Collaboration Cup. It is scheduled to run from February 26th until March 12th. Competing within the tournament will result in two pieces of clothing being unlocked ~ Cactuar Outerwear and a Cactuar Cap ~ and if you’re lucky enough to make the finals, you’ll also bag yourself a full-body Moogle outfit.

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A Final Fantasy Anniversary themed golf kart will also be added to everyone’s (everybody’s?) inventory free of charge.

Are you still teeing off with joy? Or has the shine worn off Everybody’s Golf, leaving it all feeling a little wooden? Step into the clubhouse for a minute and swing us a comment below. 

Everybody's Golf

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