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Everyone Can Now Download Final Fantasy XV: A King’s Tale for Free

The retro add-on, A King’s Tale, was previously only available for those who pre-ordered Final Fantasy XV, but it is available for everyone now. The game features the exploits of King Regis 30 years before the events in XV, and it is framed as a bedtime story for young Noctis.

The game will feature fast-paced combat with different combos and warp strikes. Regis will have Weskham, Cid, and Clarus by his side as they protect the capital. In true Final Fantasy form, you will also be using magic and summons to keep Insomnia safe. We have not played the game, but we do hope the summons are more frequent.

This is a nice gift from Square Enix, and it would be great for other developers to give the pre-order content (which never really impacts the game) timed exclusivity. After a certain point, it could become free for everyone. Some gamers will still pre-order to make sure they have it, and it could encourage others to hang on to the game, instead of reselling it, giving developers and publishers a carrot instead of a stick in that perpetual push and pull with used games.

At less than the size of a normal patch, you can download Final Fantasy XV: A King’s Tale here.

How do you think pre-order content should be handled after release? Should it be locked up for eternity, should it be locked for a set time, or is there a better way for gamers and developers to have a win/win situation?

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Square Enix Press Release

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