Evolve: Stage 2 For PS4, When’s It Coming?

First of all, for those of you who don’t know, Evolve: Stage 2 is the new rebooted and remodelled version of Evolve. Evolve did not do as hoped in terms of sales and instead of ditching the game altogether, Turtle Rock has decided to re-release as a free-to-play game. Characters and skins can be bought with your own hard-earned cash or with the in-game currency ‘Silver Keys’. It does not appear to be running as one of the largely disliked ‘Pay to win’ games. Currently, the game is in beta on Steam and has already seen great success. Today (19th July) the max player count sits at over 27,000 compared to a meagre 234 people playing at the same time in June, currently making it the 15th most played game on steam. Check out Steam’s statistics here.

Why are we waiting for a PS4 release when PC are already playing it? That comes down to how long the process is to make a change on the different platforms. Turtle Rock is anticipating having to make many small changes during the beta period. On the PC they can patch/fix/add anything and only have to have 2 teams perform quality assurance checks, one from Turtle Rock and one from 2K. After this, the update goes live.

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On the PS4 however, Turtle Rock also has to go through Sony’s certification process which adds time before updates can go live. Put simply, on PC the game can be updated weekly, on PS4 it can take 3-6 weeks. For this reason,┬áTurtle Rock does not want to put Evolve: Stage 2 on console with the risk of things going wrong and having to wait at leat 3 weeks to get them fixed.

There is currently no set date for when we will receive access to Evolve: Stage 2. All we know is that we can expect it soon after the PC beta ends and Turtle Rock is happy with the game’s performance. For more information take a look at Turtle Rock’s forums/FAQ here.

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