Exist Archive Exists On PS4 and Vita Right Now

Exist Archive Exists On PS4 and Vita Right Now

A new RPG from tri-Ace and Spike Chunsoft (some of you are tingling with that partnership alone) is available now on the PS4 and Vita…and we only have some additional scant details for an RPG that will purportedly last upwards of 50 hours. We literally pulled this description from the sale page on Amazon, because it is not listed on the game’s website.

“12 youths die in a strange explosion in the heart of Tokyo. They awake to find themselves in a mysterious world, where they have been granted immortality and god-like strength. For what purpose have they been brought to this land? What unknown truths will they unravel along their journey?”

The information in our Pure PlayStation super computer does tell us that Exist Archive: The Other Side of the Sky will feature combo-based combat, multiple endings, and unlockable attacks corresponding to your relationships with other characters in your party.

We are going to post the intro trailer and the gameplay trailer to give you a taste of the style and combat. As you might expect from the developer’s pedigree, they are experts at the anime intro, and it does not disappoint.

Let us know in the comments if you will be picking this game up.

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