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Exit the Gungeon Wants to Be Your Next Lovable Rogue-like

Roguelike games split opinion. But if you happen to enjoy the genre, Enter the Gungeon will be a name you recognise. In recent months, a sequel has launched on other platforms. But don’t worry, comrade, because it is also scheduled for release on the PlayStation 4. So you could say Exit the Gungeon, as it is called, wants you to – er – re-enter the Gungeon with only your Dualshock 4 for company.


The good news broke on Twitter, where the team were also keen to announce that the original had sold more than three million copies. So it’s no surprise then that this second instalment has come about. Not to mention the new arcade title they have planned…

The Gungeon gang are well and truly busy!

Anyway, Exit the Gungeon is expected to drop sometime in the near future. And from the sounds of it, the game will enjoy a simultaneous release with the PC, which doesn’t happen often. From what I’ve seen so far, it looks like another timesink. And an unapologetic timesink, at that.

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Are you a fan of Rogue-like games? Or is Exit your cue to leave? Have a go at leaving a comment below, but be warned, it’s harder than it looks.

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