Expect PSVR Games to Be Really Short Compared to Regular PS4 Games

Expect PSVR Games to Be Really Short Compared to Regular PS4 Games

Virtual reality is still very much in its infancy, and it seems Sony is all too aware of it. Speaking during Sony’s recent investor relations day, Sony chief Andrew House let slip what he thinks PSVR means for gamers who are looking for the best experiences.

According to the Welshman, VR games on PS4 will be small experiences that players won’t play for long stretches of time.

“I tend to liken the VR experience more to something like a theme park ride, in that it’s short, but it’s very intense and it’s very enjoyable,”┬áis what House told investors.

It sounds to us like the first wave of PSVR games won’t be the 7-8 hour experiences that players have become accustomed to with regular games, though it’s possible this could change in the future as the technology is pushed further. The bottom line is that Sony’s virtual reality solution, while being cheap(ish), just isn’t on the same level as the competition. Perhaps future iterations of the device will encourage more developers to invest more time and resources into games for such a device, but for the time being, expect to have nothing more than fancy tech demos.

Were you expecting this, or did you envision living days of your life in virtual reality? Leave a real comment in our virtual comment section below.

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