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Exploration Takes Up Mass Effect: Andromeda’s Third Gameplay Series Entry

Say goodbye to the Normandy, it’s all about the Tempest now for your exploration efforts. That’s the Ryder twins’ special spaceship if you didn’t know. What sets it apart you ask? Well for starters, you get a kick-ass, real-time view of whatever star system your in from the Tempest’s windows. However, the ship is only a transit device in what this week’s Mass Effect: Andromeda gameplay video is about. What is space without exploration and discovery. Bioware has you plenty covered on that front. Fans of the series will be happy to see a return of the galaxy map and all the functions that entails. It will help you get to new planets and an arid desert one is on display in the video above. Of course, this is where the Krogans make their home.

We also get to see traversal by way of the Nomad, land and terrain vehicle, and how it can help you in combat or deploy assistance. Additionally, there’s a viability feature that will more or less improve life on the planet depending on what you accomplish there. This directly ties into the organization our heroes are apart of and what races can be awoken from cryo-sleep after a long journey spanning lightyears. Lastly, there’s high arching monoliths, called Vaults, that offer much in the way of actual gameplay and mysteries to uncover. Like how the ending to Mass Effect 3 was all an indoctrination right?

Mass Effect: Andromeda is developed by Bioware and will release for the PlayStation 4 on March 21st. It can be pre-ordered here. No doubt there will be another gameplay series vid next week and we’ll report on it when that time comes. Let us know how you plan to explore the Andromeda galaxy. Will you be a tyrant or a true explorer?

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