Explore A Creepy Manor in Don’t Knock Twice for PS VR

Kids are creepy. Japanese horror has done the yeoman’s work in showing this to be true many times. Searching for lost kids also seems to be creepy according to the same research materials, i.e., horror films. They may not be a stuffy TED Talk, but they taught us not release a girl from a well if she threatens to kill you for watching an old VHS tape.

Don’t Knock Twice is a horror game that will put you in the shoes of a mother searching for her lost daughter. There is an urban legend of knocking to summon a witch that will need to be unraveled, and you will have to search an old manor house for info to save your daughter.

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First person horror is scary enough, but VR makes it a little more real. The game will be sold with both a VR and non-VR version of the game, so anyone can enjoy the scares when Don’t Knock Twice releases on September 5th.

Let us know your examples of creepy horror kids in the comments. We have two for your enjoyment. The first example is the kid from Pet Cemetary. Geez. Herman Munster told you not to go up there, but you would not listen. The second example is the kid from The Grudge who meows at you. It should make us laugh, but it is so weird. 

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