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Explore OUTWARD in Upcoming Developer Stream

OUTWARD developer, Nine Dots Studio, will be streaming gameplay footage of the upcoming open world RPG on October 27th. The Twitch stream will be held at 8pm BST / 9pm CEST /  3pm EDT / 12 pm PDT, and you can watch everything here.

Hoping to create a new RPG subgenre, OUTWARD puts players in the worn shoes of a simple adventurer, as opposed to the typical hero of legend or prophesied one. Mixing in survival elements such as having to eat and drink, you will need to sleep, survive dangerous weather, and avoid diseases.

All of these elements combine in a game that will offer you something different when you replay it. When you make a choice or join a faction, the game is saving in the background all the time. It pushes you to experiment and also live with the consequences. When you replay the game, choosing a different path might lead to an entirely new discovery or outcome.

Failure may be a result of those choices, but even losing might not be the end. The official site gives the example of being beaten by some bandits. They may not kill you. You may wake up as their prisoner, or they may just beat you and leave you to die without any clothes.

It’s a twist on the traditional formula that can be played solo or in co-op. Either way, you will need to prepare and plan your fights to survive the harsh world. If that sounds like your ideal experience, it’s coming to the PS4 on February 12th. I will add a trailer and some screenshots. If you like what you see, you can give the stream a watch.

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