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Explore the Underworld in SWORD ART ONLINE Alicization Lycoris Starting May 22, 2020

SWORD ART ONLINE Alicization Lycoris’ latest trailer tells you what you really want to know. The game will release on May 22, 2020. It gives you the opportunity to live the adventures of Kirito as he is reborn into the Underworld. It’s a place where A.I. take on human characteristics. Some are noble like his friend Eugeo, and some are dramatically changed like his childhood friend Alice. If you gave up on Sword Art Online, the Alicization story arc is really good, and it’s a great place to build the plot for this game.

This JRPG will put you in the shoes and behind the sword of Kirito. It will follow the story from the anime and take you to different parts of the Underworld. (It appears to only be the first part of the Alicization arc, but I will try to update this if I am mistaken.) It’s a great arc in which Kirito grows and builds his strength and position in this artificial society while coming into conflict with its rules. That conflict is once again solved by his excellent swordsmanship.

Beyond the release date, the trailer shows some of the biggest fights from the anime, huge attacks, and tough enemies. Check out the trailer for a better look. Honestly, I could go on, but you already know if this is a game for you. If you’re excited to play SWORD ART ONLINE Alicization Lycoris, you’ll only need to wait a few months. With the Black Friday backlog, it’s probably a good thing.

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