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Explore the Wizarding World in Citadel: Forged With Fire

As aspiring wizards ourselves, we often receive junk emails about ways to make us more powerful, amazing new spells to cast, or even ways to make our wands longer. Wizard email is unfortunately a lot like regular email. However, we did see a new game announcement trailer for Citadel: Forged With Fire.

In the almost three minute trailer, we see strong influences of Bethesda games like Skyrim married with Harry Potter broom riding and wizard duels. You can play with your friends to become a powerful wizard in an open-world game. There are different jobs, magical animals, treasures to claim, and a creepy potions professor who hates us because our dad made fun of him in high school and married our mom who really was not interested in him at all. That last part is probably too stupid to go in any fiction, so forget we said anything.

It does include jumping off cliffs, throwing a castle tower into a mountain, and, best of all, what appear to be dragons. As anyone knows, dragons are permanently cool (especially if painted on the side of an old panel van used to carry your band’s equipment) and raise the enjoyment in any game.

With only a “Coming Soon” for a release date, we do not know when this game will be playable, but we look forward to casting the wizard’s eye of discernment spell when it can be conjured on the PS4.

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