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Explore Virtual Worlds and Emotions in Mind Labyrinth VR Dreams

Mind Labyrinth VR Dreams is an idea that might only be possible and relevant in a VR environment. The idea is to use the strengths of the platform to take a break from the everyday world. You can relax in beautiful landscapes designed around selected, positive emotional states and musical tracks.

The game world is meant to reduce your stress, but it has some objectives in the form of runes and opportunities. Runes will spawn in the world, and they can be used to reveal “inspiring quotes”. Opportunities are little glowing balls. If you grab all ten, you can open up a final level in the game. It’s referred to as a “Paradise”, so that is some motivation.

The music in the game has been composed by some very well-known names. Ennio Morricone (who is not dead) and Brian Eno top the list of names this musical hermit recognizes. The rest of the composers with a sample of their work so far are Nicola Piovani (Life is Beautiful soundtrack), Jon Anderson (Legend soundtrack), Marco Sabiu, Al Jarreau (Dick Tracy soundtrack), Aimee Portioli (Benvenuto addio and Drive Me Home soundtracks), Novecento, Pino Daniele and Freeland (La Seconda volta non si scorda mai soundtrack), Capercaillie (Rob Roy soundtrack), Pino Donaggio (Grindhouse and Seed of Chucky soundtracks), and Eumir Deodato (The Nice Guys and Legally Blonde soundtracks). As you can see, these are all experienced composers lending their talents to the project.

The game is supported by the Sbarro Health Research Organization (SHRO). (I cannot find anything that clearly states this, but my assumption is the organization provided some funding.) According to its WordPress site, it is a, “a nonprofit charity committed to funding excellence in basic genetic research to cure and diagnose cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and other chronic illnesses and to foster the training of young doctors in a spirit of professionalism and humanism”. They believe VR can have medical benefits, and Mind Labyrinth VR “represents the positive side of VR”. I am not sure I like the negative implication, but, if this gets someone to try VR, that’s a good thing.

Mind Labyrinth VR Dreams is coming to the PSVR sometime before the end of the month. As Kyle has mentioned in the past (having trouble finding his opinon piece), we do need to take VR in different directions. If this can help people with anxiety, stress, and generally help them feel better after a tough day, sign me up for a little virtual vacation.

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