Extinction’s Combat Rewards Your Skill

The latest trailer for Extinction gives us a better look at the game. The main character Avil is the last of the Setinels, an ancient order dedicated to killing the giant ogres named Ravenii. The entire world has been at each other’s throats for a while, but they decide to stop until they can outrun these giant ogres that are killing everyone. Seems reasonable enough.

The combat is skill-based, and Iron Galaxy is trying to make sure players feel the challenge whether slicing on the ground or in the air. You have both a sword and a whip to kill smaller enemies as you try to take on the enormously destructive ogres of Extinction.

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Each ogre will have different attacks, and you will have to remove armor and slice off legs and arms before you climb them for the final strike. There is an element of strategy and not just a skillful hack and slash.

Check out the trailer, and get ready to put your skills to the test on April 10th.

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